Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about The Web Guys Websites

What happens after I sign up?

As soon as we receive notification of your first payment, we will be in touch with you via the details you provide at checkout.  We will schedule a convenient time as soon as possible to have a detailed discussion with you about your business and your website needs.  From that, we will put together your website as quickly as possible at a temporary address, and then talk to you about checking the website and inserting content before going live and arranging a place for you on one of our regular training sessions.

What system is the website built with?

We use WordPress, originally a blogging system, but now a fully featured and flexible content management system.  WordPress is used by over half of the websites in the world where a content management system is known to be used.

What happens if I change my mind about the style or content of my website after it’s built?

We will train you in the use of the content management system.  The pre-designed themes we use have an enormous array of customisation options, and you can add/remove/edit the content within pages to your heart’s desire.  So you will have complete flexibility in the style and content of your website from the word go.

What happens if I can’t afford to keep up monthly payments?

We will work with you to find a solution, but at the end of the day, if you can’t keep up with payments, we reserve the right to disable the website and pursue any normal commercial recovery options.

What is the difference between “Brochure” and “Ecommerce”?

An Ecommerce website is an online store, i.e. where products (or services) are arranged in categories, and you can add them to a basket and checkout.  A Brochure website is just our term for a non-ecommerce website – basically if you don’t have a shopping cart, it’s a brochure website.

How do I receive payments through my Ecommerce Website?

You will need to create an account with a Payment Service Provider. We can mention a few to you – they range from purely online services to high street banks.  You will need to find one that balances your exact requirements with your cost expectations (generally payment service providers charge you a mixture of fixed monthly fees and percentage of transactions).  The ecommerce system that we use to give you online store/checkout capability is compatible with most of the well-know payment service providers (and quite a few less well-know ones!).  Once you have set up your account with your chosen payment service provider, you’ll need certain information to connect your ecommerce website to the payment system.  As well as the cost of your payment service provider, you should also be aware that sometimes setting up such an account can take a couple of weeks or more.

What help and support do you offer?

Lots!  We train you how to use the content management system, so you can edit and make changes yourself.  Plus you have access to our online support ticket system, so if you have problems, we can help you out.

What if I want something additional?

Our pre-designed websites have a wide range of functionality and layout types built in.  We will train you how to access these features fully.  However if there is something which you need for your website which is not included, please just let us know – we are experts in the system we use to build websites (WordPress) and can always quote for custom modifications.

How quickly will my website be ready?

We aim to set up a briefing discussion with you within 5 working days, and have your website ready for checking by you within 5 working days of your briefing session.  Exact timescales can vary, but we will always let you know if it’s going to be longer than that (and often it is quicker!).

To be able to go live quickly after that, you will need to have your content (words and images) ready in electronic form which you want on the site at go-live.  (You will be able to edit, add more etc., easily yourself after you have received your training.)  We hold weekly training sessions to show you how to use the system, plus have videos available if times do not suit.  When you are ready to go live, just tell us!

In our experience the whole process takes 3-4 weeks, i.e. within the first month of your package.

What happens if I want to change my design completely later on?

Through our content management system, you are free to make any changes you want at any time.

If you would like us to alter your website, you have a couple of choices – you can either get a quote for us for the work and pre-purchase support hours, or if you want a complete design change, you will need to take out a new package with us.  If your existing package is less than 1 year old, there will be a £99 release fee payable.  In other words, if you wanted a brand new website every year, it will cost you just £29.99 a month.  Good value eh?!

Why is there a release fee on domains and websites?

Our £29.99 package is massive value, and there is no tie-in or minimum term.  For us however, certain costs are paid annually, e.g. domain registration, so we feel it’s only fair to ask you to reimburse us if you don’t stay for that year.  In addition, our work is massively front-end loaded – we have to take your brief and build your website, and if you left a month or two later, we’d be seriously out of pocket.  Our £99 first year website release fee is simply a reflection of a fair cost to have produced your website, and similarly £11.99 for your domain.  We think that is pretty reasonable.

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