Manage your Customers, Prospects, Team, and Finances. FREE!

Our online system, ToolBox, is an all-in-one management solution which will help you manage your business.  We give you 2 user logins FREE.

We originally built ToolBox (which used to be called Mother if you are a traveller from the past!) to run our own business because we couldn’t find a solution that was (a) online, so we could access it anywhere, (b) wasn’t bloated with hard to comprehend functions that we’d never use, and (c) didn’t cost the earth!

Now on Version 2, a modern scalable web application, we make an account on ToolBox available to every Web Guys customer free of charge. You get 2 users on your account, and can add more more a low additional fee.

With ToolBox, you can do the following:

  • Manage your prospects and customers via the Contacts section, which has a helpful coloured tagging system to help you categorise and manage.
  • Manage your team with the Projects and Task sections – allocate tasks online to other users and get notified when they have completed them, and keep all relevant information (files, notes, tasks etc) for a piece of work together in one place, where the entire team can access.
  • Manage your finances with our Money section – produce quotes and invoices, whose status you can monitor, mark as paid etc, and keep track of your daily cashflow through our Cashbook, which handles your entire bookkeeping requirement.  For UK customers, ToolBox will even produce your VAT return for you, and for non-UK customers, it handles all currencies too.

ToolBox alone is worth more than the Web Guys monthly fee, so it’s just another reason to come over to us!

Here’s a video intro in case you’d like to know more:

What are you waiting for?
All this for £29.99/month!

  • Who builds it?
  • Set up fee
  • Minimum Contract
  • Add/edit yourself
  • Security/Backup
  • Portable?
  • D.I.Y. packages like 1&1/Wix
    £4.99 monthly upwards
    • You do!
    • £0
    • Usually 12 months+
    • Yes
    • Variable
    • No
    • No
  • Agencies, Graphic/Web Designers
    £1000 and up!
    • They do
    • £1000+
    • N/A
    • Not always
    • Variable
    • Not always
    • No