You won’t want to leave, but if you do, we won’t stand in your way

We are so confident that you will be so thrilled with our product and service, that you will never want to leave.  So we’re not going to stop you if you do.

Yes, that’s right.  There is genuinely no contract and no minimum term.  People need to change website providers or close down a website from time to time for all sorts of genuine reasons, and we understand that.  If you want to leave us, or shut your website down, we will be sorry to see you go, but will assist in every way we can.

There are only 2 exceptional scenarios which you should know about here, which we do reserve the right to charge for, but we think this is pretty fair:

  1. Because we pay for your domain name annually in advance, if you leave us, we will need to ask you for £11.99 or £18.99 ( or .com/.net/.biz) to recoup our costs.
  2. If you wish to leave us AND transfer your Web Guys website to another provider within the first 2 years of your stay with us, we will ask you to pay a release fee calculated depending on when you started with us.  We’re not being awkward here – it’s just to stop people taking advantage of us by getting us to set up the website and then moving it elsewhere a month or 2 later.  We know you’re not like that, but there are some odd folks out there!

But like we say, when you’re getting all this for just £29.99 a month, why would you want to go elsewhere!

What are you waiting for?
All this for £29.99/month!

  • Who builds it?
  • Set up fee
  • Add/Edit Yourself
  • Security/Backup
  • Portable?
  • Free CRM?
  • D.I.Y. packages like 1&1/Wix
    £4.99 monthly upwards
    • You do!
    • £0
    • Usually 12 months+
    • Yes
    • Variable
    • No
    • No
  • Agencies, Graphic/Web Designers
    £1000 and up!
    • They do
    • £1000+
    • N/A
    • Not always
    • Variable
    • Not always
    • No