Just pay the first month’s subscription, and you’re off!

That’s right.  Just £29.99 + vat gets you going. We’ll have the structure set up for you in a couple of weeks, plus the content you have sent over a week or so after that.

Like every other bespoke web or graphic designer or agency out there, we used to charge a single one-off payment for our websites, then a small annual hosting charge.  But the world has moved on.  Technology now is such that producing world class websites is much easier than it was – so if you’re not going DIY (more on that in a minute), why on earth should you need to pay £Thousands for a website any more?

We did an anonymous survey recently, and 70% of respondents thought a typical website of ours would cost more than £1000.  Says something, don’t you think?!

And here’s the other thing, if an agency or web designer charges big lump sum fees, once your website is live, they don’t have much drive to keep you happy and supported, because they are chasing after the next big fish.  It took some guts for us to come up with this groundbreaking new business model, but because we want (need in fact) to keep you as a customer for the long term, it helps keep us focused on customer service and your wellbeing.

Oh, there’s the DIY alternative of course.  And if you have a reasonable eye for design, a reasonable amount of technical knowledge, and a lot of time on your hands, it’s an option.

BUT, just because I can buy a bag of plaster and some tools from my local hardware store, doesn’t mean I am going to get the right result when I get them home.  If you’ve tried one of the so-called easy to use DIY systems, you may know what I mean!

£29.99 a month.  That’s all you need to get the full works.

What are you waiting for?
All this for £29.99/month!

  • Who builds it?
  • Minimum Contract
  • Add/Edit Yourself
  • Security/Backup
  • Portable?
  • Free CRM?
  • D.I.Y. packages like 1&1/Wix
    £4.99 monthly upwards
    • You do!
    • £0
    • Usually 12 months+
    • Yes
    • Variable
    • No
    • No
  • Agencies, Graphic/Web Designers
    £1000 and up!
    • They do
    • £1000+
    • N/A
    • Not always
    • Variable
    • Not always
    • No