We’ll keep you out of harm’s way

It’s an ugly world out there. Hackers and computer viruses want to break your website, and hosting servers are just computers, so sometimes they break.

Don’t worry. We have your back.

Our hosting servers, provided by one of Europe’s largest hosts, are run in world- class datacentres, with the latest monitoring systems.  So if there is a hardware or connectivity issue, hordes of giant-foreheaded engineers swarm to get things fixed.  We have 24/7/365 to these engineers and their big brains, so if there is a problem, you won’t get it fixed faster anywhere else.

And then there are hackers.  Unfortunately, where systems exist, people try to break them, for profit, or just fun.  The biggest cause of vulnerability in a website is out of date systems, but with The Web Guys, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the software which runs your website is always kept up to date.  We update the core version of WordPress, and any plugins used, as necessary when an update becomes available.

And as a last line of defence, we have invested in extra capabilities which allow us to roll back your website to a previous version up to one month old, so in the unlikely event that something untoward does happen, we can just turn the clock back if we need to.

All in all, you WILL NOT find a better more secure set up, unless you happen to be Mark Zuckeberg or Bill Gates.  Actually, even if you are them.

What are you waiting for?
All this for £29.99/month!

  • Who builds it?
  • Set up fee
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  • Add/Edit Yourself
  • Portable?
  • Free CRM?
  • D.I.Y. packages like 1&1/Wix
    £4.99 monthly upwards
    • You do!
    • £0
    • Usually 12 months+
    • Yes
    • Variable
    • No
    • No
  • Agencies, Graphic/Web Designers
    £1000 and up!
    • They do
    • £1000+
    • N/A
    • Not always
    • Variable
    • Not always
    • No