Did you know that with some DIY systems, you don’t even own your own content?

That’s right. With some DIY systems, and even some web design agencies, you don’t actually own the content (words and pictures) on your own website.  Well, that’s not the case with us!

You have copyright and ownership of your entire Web Guys website at all times – the system and the content.

So if you want to move it, it’s yours.

Now if you are looking to move your entire website to another provider, we will charge you a release fee depending on how long you’ve been with us, but that is simply to protect us from people who have us build a website and then move it one month later.  No, we know you’re not like that!

But the point is that you CAN move it. It’s run on the world’s most popular website content management system, so most other hosts would be able to set it up exactly how it is on our system by just transferring a few files.

And more importantly, you have full control and ownership of the words and pictures used.

It may seem like a small point, but when you’ve added reams and reams of content and then you can’t take it with you, that hurts!

What are you waiting for?
All this for £29.99/month!

  • Who builds it?
  • Set up fee
  • Minimum Contract
  • Add/edit yourself
  • Security/Backup
  • Free CRM?
  • D.I.Y. packages like 1&1/Wix
    £4.99 monthly upwards
    • You do!
    • £0
    • Usually 12 months+
    • Yes
    • Variable
    • No
    • No
  • Agencies, Graphic/Web Designers
    £1000 and up!
    • They do
    • £1000+
    • N/A
    • Not always
    • Variable
    • Not always
    • No